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Synack Awarded US Department of Defense Security Contract

Pentagon and The White House Secures itself via Crowdsourced Testing. Federal Government called out “crowdsourced testing and other innovative assessments” as a “best practice”. Synack is awarded to provide vetted hackers for continual assessments of defense websites, hardware and physical systems through a three-year, $34 million indefinite delivery, indefinite quantity contract package. “Finding innovative ways to identify vulnerabilities and strengthen security has never been more important,” said Chris Lynch, Director of the Defense Digital Service.

Morgan Stanley - New Best Practice

Hear Karl Schimeck, Executive Director, Vulnerability Management, Morgan Stanley "We’re a regulated entity. We have a responsibility to our clients. With the emergence of companies like Synack, you now are finding that proper balance to where it [crowdsourced security] can be applied in a structured way, with controls in place, with transparency of who is doing the testing, and then we can get the best testers, we can get the most creativity and we can apply them in the most diverse way"


Today 50 – 65% of all new code is Open Source Software (OSS). Altigo’s software audit discovers Open Source Security vulnerabilities and license compliance issues in all software applications. 

Our OSS auditor team have partnered with the largest companies in the past years to help them understand the composition of source code and the risks associated with their use of open source and third party components.

The emphasis in a (M&A) project is on results that can impact go/no-go decisions, valuation or remediation costs. Altigo acts as an independent third party and delivers accurate and timely audit to meet your deadlines.

We alert your organizations to potential legal and security issues that may impact the transaction

The Open Source Software Audit can be done remote or on-site.

Download the OSS Audit brochure here

An audit services engagement is an efficient way to augment your staff for the initial scans and analysis to understand your use of open source and third-party components to enhance Security and ensure your IP compliance.

Altigo’s services team will conduct the initial audits and ensure that the results are passed on to you for immediate use.

Download the OSS Audit brochure here

You can’t manage it if you don’t know you have it !

Altigo’s Audit team will conduct an audit of the code before it is being transferred to you. We will capture any potential legal and security issues before the code becomes your responsibility.

Download the OSS Audit brochure here

Empower your organization to manage open source software (OSS) and third-party components.

Altigo has partnered with Flexera so we can provide a single integrated solution for open source license compliance and security. Find vulnerabilities and remediate associated risk, while you build your products and during their lifecycle.

Manage open source license compliance. And add automation to your processes and implement a formal OSS strategy and policy that balances business benefits and risk management.

You have the OSS platform but do not have the resources or knowledge to kick of the OSS project and governance internally. 

Altigo can provide you with the relevant OSS resources and skill set.


In order to beat a hacker, you have to think like a hacker. Offensive and Adversarial security testing using crowd source resources is a great way for exactly that. In more than 95% of the initial penetration testing done using a global network of highly qualified hackers serious security vulnerabilities are found. This despite the intensive use of recognised consultancy firms advising clients for years.

Partnering with Synack we will gather a team of 50-100+ highly qualified and diversified hackers to test your target continuously or over a 2 weeks period. This results in far better level of security testing

During our testing we will continuously provide you with insight to what is being tested, findings, remediations and ability to re-test the vulnerability to see if it has been fixed. You can at any time ask our researchers about the findings, pause the test, change the scope, etc

Speed and quality is very important to our clients. Because of the large global pool of highly skilled resources available, we can start a test within 2-3 days.

Whether you wish to have a live application or network tested or rather have an mobile application tested throughout its development cycle, we assist our clients in all kinds of setups.

Continuously building the skills and knowledge of secure programming is important for any developer and organisation. Computer Based Training is an easy way to get started and to bump up the security level within the organisation. We offer various CBT training courses and on-site tailored education for developers.

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