Altigo consists of a dedicated team of experts within Application SecurityOpen Source Management & Code Quality.

Our Client base consists of mid size companies to larger international companies with several thousand developers.

We help our customers to enhance their web application security, enhance code quality and security via development testing practice and manage their open source governance and control including OSS audits.

We have participated in several hundred projects since 2008 all over Europe.

Altigo only works with and resell solutions from leaders and challengers recognized by Gartner and Forrester.

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Application Security

Tech and Human Intelligence

We Combine Technology and Human Intelligence to Protect Your Applications. Combining advanced scanning technology with the world’s largest application security Research Team, we accurately identify your vulnerabilities and scale to meet any demand without slowing you down.

Zero False Positives

The Threat Research Center validates every vulnerabilityeliminating false positives, so you can focus on remediation and improving your overall security posture. That is Application Security made Easy.

DAST, SAST or Mobile

Software Applications are at the core of every business. Today’s organizations deploy a myriad of web and mobile applications, ranging from external-facing corporate websites to internal-facing portal. We can support you early in the development (SAST) or continuously scans your websites as they evolve, providing automatic detection and assessment of code changes and alerting for newly discovered vulnerabilities (DAST).
Development Testing

From Good to Great Code

Eliminate the business risk associated with faulty software, accelerate delivery and facilitate continuous process improvement. Monitor and measure the application of quality practices using static analysis, unit testing, code coverage analysis and runtime error detection.

Improve Quality and Speed

Development Testing helps organizations rapidly and precisely validate their applications and satisfy business expectations around functionality, reliability, performance and security. Broad support for languages and vulnerability issues and in compliance with industry standards and regulations such as FDA, DO-178B/C, MISRA, JSF, PCI DSS, and many more.

Code with Security

Enable development teams to build security into your applications by facilitating code-hardening practices based on accepted industry standards such as OWASP Top 10, CVE/CWE/SANS Top 25 and PCI DSS. Defend your software from security breaches and cyber attacks by preventing vulnerabilities where they occur in the source code and when code is written.

Open Source Software – know what is in your code

Open Source Software Audit

When M&A transactions or internal reviews are in motion, you need fast, trusted and comprehensive open source code analysis. An Audit helps your business, legal, security and engineering teams to quickly find open source software and third-party code along with associated licenses and obligations, dependencies, security vulnerabilities and much more.

Open Source Support

You’ve embraced open source and your organization benefits from using accessible code to accelerate delivery cycles and get to innovation faster. However, open source is often thought of as being unsupported or lacking in timely support due to its community-based foundation. We can help. Fixing open source issues with us is just as easy as contacting the support line for any commercial product.

Compliance and Governance

The lack of effective open source compliance exposes organizations to legal and business risks through code that contains known security vulnerabilities not properly licensed, includes bugs that are costly and time-consuming to fix or does not comply with corporate policies and processes. We help you solve all these issues and more.

Transform Your Business to Fast

Faster Smarter Simpler

In-memory scale-out architecture, 100X faster than traditional databases, World record performance in the cloud, High-speed data ingestion. Convert live data into business value, Analyze and act on streaming data, Use real-time intelligence. Data is always consistent, correct, never lost, Simpler apps, Easier to test and maintain, Easier to program with SQL + Java, Seamless ecosystem integration.

Beat Competition

Fast data, streaming into businesses from mobile, social, sensors, and other sources, is an opportunity to transform your business using real-time, actionable insights to deliver business advantage faster than your competition. Knowing what’s in your data and acting on it in real time requires an operational database with a fast data pipeline capable of handling streams of data, performing real-time analytics, and taking action on analytic results.

Fast Data and Big Data is Love

Big Data is transforming the way enterprises interact with information, but that’s only half the story. The real innovations are happening at the intersection of Fast Data and Big Data. Why? Because data is fast before it’s big. Fast Data is generated by legacy applications, and increasingly by the explosion of data created by mobile devices, sensor networks, social media and connected devices – the Internet of Things (IoT). Fast Data requires systems that deliver real-time interaction and decisions to create business value. Big Data is historical data that requires storage, curation and deep analytics. Together, there is no more waiting for for analytics to make decisions on fraud and identity, approve financial transactions, serve real-time offers to subscribers, or prevent DDoS attacks.